Friday, December 31, 2010


My Favorites Outfits of 2010:

Headband. Forever21.
Shirt. H&M.
Tights. 14. H&M.

 Button-up shirt. from my Grandma.
Shorts. 10. Wet Seal.

Shirt. made by my sister.
Skirt. 8. Crossroads.

Also I'd like to introduce to you all to my sister who has great style:

Coat. Vintage Store.
Shirt dress. about 35. Bluefly.
Leggings. 9. Old Navy.
Boots. about 45. TJ-Maxx.
Purse. about 225. Neiman Marcus.

These are some awesome bloggers that I admire very much: and
I've never liked shopping for clothes before this year, and then suddenly I fell in love with clothes.  This blog is going to be about my love for clothes and hopefully you'll see my style develop.  Hope you guys will enjoy.  Happy New Year!

P.S. Yes I'm in love H&M deal with it.

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