Friday, January 14, 2011

Cloudy Weather

Button-up shirt. 18. H&M.
Sweater. 25. H&M.
Belt. 5.95. H&M.
Tights. Forever21.
Flats. 2.75 (Sale 70%). Wet Seal.

These flats are so awesome and they were so cheap!  I needed to get formal-ish shoes last minute and in the middle of chaos (Wet Seal was having a huge sale and clothes, shoes, you name it, was strewn around) and I saw these flats, and I never looked back.  Honestly it's been like two weeks since I've had them so I'm suprised they haven't just melted off my feet by now, because really $3 shoes don't last.

Also I've been loving the comments you guys have been posting.  I wishing you guys a great weekend!


  1. "I love the way you've worn your belt and the adorable umbrella print!"
    @ Carrie, aww thanks. Cute blog btw.


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