Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bananas for Prom

I've never been that girl that's been dreaming of prom since I was little, but I have to say I've compeletly immersed myself in the idea of Prom.  This post is mainly for those who are going to prom soon, or just want to broaden their shopping horizons.  So I basically I started wtih the dress.  I searched everywhere!  In Downtown L.A., West Hollywood, Pasadena, and of course the internet.  So I'm only going to go in deeper detail to the highlight stores I went to.  These stores carried on the hope that I could find my perfect prom dress, despite the frustration and disappointment.  The highlights of my search were Shareen's Vintage, a warehouse filled with some of the most beautiful dresses in L.A., and  The Loved One in Pasadena, the place where I found my Prom dress.

Downtown L.A.= Luxe De Ville, Shareen's Vintage
West Hollywood = Crossroads, Wasteland,
Pasadena= Crossroads, The Loved One
Online= Modcloth

Hope this broaded your shopping horizons
Good Luck

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