Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nanda Faces

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I've recently been crushing out on the makeup looks seen on the Style Nanda website.  Style Nanda is a Korean brand.  I just love the dewy skin, the bold blush, and softly drawn cat eyes, with a bold lip to pack a punch!  The things I don't really love are the super straight eyebrows and dyed hair that seems so prevalent in the models.  I don't know maybe thats just me being a brunette.  The eyebrows are an interesting concept to me because, in the U.S. it seems we love our arched brows.  I mean personally I would spend a good deal for eyebrows to look groomed. 

Its just intersting to see how another culture approaches Asian features.  And I appreciate that so much, because I've experienced the dreaded makeup artist who decides to give me a fa;se lid.  Which does not look anywhere natural or right.  This is not a plug I swear.  I just am currently fascinated by this makeup and wanted to share.  Happy Christmas Eve!!

Pictures belong and are from http://en.stylenanda.com/

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