Sunday, February 16, 2014

Some Inspirations or General images circling through my mind

Sigh, the concept of waking up to someone ya love.  Huh, I'll always be such a mushy romantic

The American Skins, especially the character Cadie.

Jenny Schecter, from season 2, and yes I know the exact season this picture came from.  Love, love the L Word.  I should really get the full series from already.
Btw, I recently realized how annyoying it is for me to take my blog post pics from my phone, so I plan to save up to buy a camera!!  One of my many, many things on my to do list.

Of course, the lovely to the senses: Karla Deras.

Bit of Elsa and Anna really sweet sister moments from Frozen.

The nostalgic and complexity of the film The Ballad of Jack and Rose.  I love the soundtrack, and I love DDL so it just makes sense.

Rooney Mara as Lizbeth Salander.  She conveys both the bad-assery as well as the the stark vunerability. 

Vintage Playboy Bunnies, pre-everyone with plastic surgery.

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless. Simply, my current music obsession.
Hope you guys are having an awesome President's Day Weekend!!

P.S. None of these images belong to me, they belong to other people that are not me.

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