Monday, January 3, 2011

Circles and Stripes

Men's t-shirt. 18. Crossroads.
Button-up. from my Grandma.
Shorts. 25. H&M.
Socks. Forever21.
Oxfords. 15.

I made this on Adobe Photoshop with paintbrush and I copied and pasted parts of a picture from the blog and I added some parts of the photo of her amazing fantastic handmade tights on to my art.  Here is the link to the original picture from the link belongs to the respected blogger.


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. That is such a cute top

  3. Anonymous7:08:00 PM

    happy new year!
    the best of wishes from COSMICaroline to you!
    keep up the wonderful work in the new year!


  4. Anonymous8:13:00 AM

    cute shoes!


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