Saturday, January 8, 2011

San Francisco and Today's Outfit

I never find my name on these souveneir things! Never!

This is my sister.
Shirt. 9.99. T.J.Maxx.
Cardigan. 40. Free People.
Sweater. 39.99. Express.
Pants. 16.99. Uniqlo.
Shoes. 47. Toms.

Shirt. 25. Crossroads.
Sweater. 24.95. H&M.
Boyfriend jeans. 39.95. H&M.
Boots. Nordstrom Rack.

 Socks. about 2. H&M.

Sweater. my grandma's.
Skirt. made by my sister.
Men's hat. 12.95. H&M.

My outfit was styled by my sister.  Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!
P.S. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

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  1. Cute sweater!

    Great blog btw, love the design :D


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