Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Filipino food and Cupcakes with a Friend

A friend and I were so hungry, and we decided Asian food!  And then we narrowed it down to Filipino food, which I haven't had tons of experience with it.  But we tried a place called Manilla Sunset in Long Beach.  And it was pretty awesome.  I didn't really like my plate as much as I liked my friend's and the extra stuff she ordered.  So it worked for me too.  Something interesting I found was the art inside.  I think they are very beautiful and a nice suprise.

I've never liked egg rolls, but then again I never experienced Filipino egg rolls. They are tiny pieces of wonderfulness.

We also stopped by Frosted, which is also in Long Beach.  And I think we both needed something sweet to add to our day, and of course Frosted was perfeect.  I love that their cupcakes are both adorable and tasty sometimes thats not easy to find.

By the way if anyone knows the name to these Filipino dishes, let me know in the comments box!  Have a a great day, thanks for reading!!

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