Friday, January 10, 2014

"Excuse me, I need to put my face on"

Makeup fascinates me, because it can change how others and you see yourself.  Its playful, fun, and temperary.  With makeup we can adopt different egos, or define our features, or better yet discover confidence.  This is my makeup-less face.  Hope you enjoy!

This is my attempt at a dewy, healthy look. 

I was definitely inspired by Taylor Momsen.  The heavy heavy dark eyes, the pale skin, and nude lips.  And of course the beauty mark.  Of course I had to adopt why my friend coins as the "bitch face."

I thought it was interesting how different the effect is to Momsen's look, since we have vastly different eye shapes.

This is one of those looks that sorta, kinda seems like your not wearing makeup.  I was actually really relieved that it still looked natural, since I went super heavy on the foundation.

Another natural look, with a slight smokey eye.

This is the result of me fooling around with one of lipsticks, I applied on my cheeks as well.

Smokey eyes!!

I was experiementing a bit with colored eyeshadow, you can sorta tell its softly purple.

Now this was me trying to coordinate my makeup with my outfit.

Really love the bright pink lip, and blush feel so pretty and girly!

I will for sure post more makeup pics in the future, and possibly and post where I show my makeup collection.  Thanks for reading!  Have a lovely weekend!

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