Sunday, January 26, 2014


When I was a wee 7th grader I discovered a world that awed me and entranced me.  The life and art of being a geisha.  I so wanted to be a geisha, and I ended up convincing my mom to make a geisha costume for me for Halloween.  I so wanted to be a geisha back then!  Its funny how I see things in the past that captured my attention, and then faded away, they always come back to me later.

This was my attempt at being a geisha with makeup.  In defense, I was really bored.  I used products that I probably shouldn't have used in certain areas.  Since I didn't have any white foundation, I used an eye primer all over my face.  Don't judge.  And it basically worked out, then I used red lipstick on the lips and brows, and went back in the "foundation" around my lips to make it more defined and cleaned up.

If your interested in more links about geishas and the lifestyle you can check out this link

Well I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! When you guys have time, please check out this up-and-coming fashion line: Ita Vero New York!!  Its a knitwear line created by a recent fashion designer graduate!

I do not own any of these images, besides the two of me.

 Well I hope you guys had an amaing weekend!  Also when you can, please check out this new up-and-coming fashion line: Ita Vero

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